The Ariake kosen(Kosen means a college of technology)was founded as a national institute of higher education in 1963 and has five departments; mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics and information engineering, chemical science and engineering, and architecture.
 Each department has a class which consists of 40 students and the number of students to be admitted is 1,000. The Ariake Kosen has already sent 7,365 graduates out into various fields of the industrial world. Almost all of them have been playing a very important part in society.
 The college arranges effectively both specialized and general educations into an curriculum, encourages students to be equal to university students in special knowledge and capacity, and trains them to be excellent practical engineers.
 The Advanced Course, consisting of Advanced Production and Information Systems Engineering Course, Advanced Chemical Science and Engineering Course, Advanced Architecture Course, was founded in2001, and 317 students having graduated, it is making further development as an institution to educate highly skilled engineers.
 The campus lies on the hill called Hagio-dai which is on the outskirts of Omuta city, Fukuoka Pref. and is about 5km away from either of Omuta Station and Arao Station. The dormitory is located in the east of Arao city, Kumamoto pref. and it is 5 minutes’ walk to the campus.
 The students are supposed to develop cooperativeness, activeness, and creativity. The program helps them to lead a wholesome life in mind and body: Kosen advises them to cultivate friendship, trust in others and an attitude of harmony in various extracurricular activities as well.