Message from President

 KOSEN (Institute of technology) is a school system with a long history which aims to cultivate advanced, practical, and creative engineers. This unique 5 year system begins after junior high, teaching students everything from liberal arts to highly specialized and applied technology. An additional 2 year advanced course is also offered.

 Ariake KOSEN is one of the leading KOSENs in Japan and has a long history and tradition of fostering excellent students, who have gone on to great things. In 2016, the school was reorganized under the umbrella term, Department of Creative Engineering, which attempts to reduce barriers between the 5 main departments of Engineering: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Information Engineering, Chemical Science and Engineering, and Architecture. This year will be the 5th year since this restructuring.

 This change enables the school to better create well rounded, flexible engineers with a broad skill set who can readily adapt to rapidly changing technology and social needs. Formerly, students had to decide their major before their entrance, but after the reorganization, students now choose their future path after the entrance, while they learn about specialized fields in class.

 The idea of KOSEN is gaining traction in foreign countries as well. This is due to KOSENs here in Japan becoming more globalized and interacting with universities around the world with many different exchange programs and internships. These international exchange programs and internships expose students to academic conferences and cultural immersion programs, to develop a more global mindset. The integration between globalism and technology can help make KOSEN students broadminded experts in their fields. This is the goal of our teachers, researchers, and administrators who all work as one to support our students in becoming creative engineers.