Applied Chemistry Course

 The chemistry course aims to solve many diverse and complicated issues: such as developing industry, mitigating natural disasters, limiting environmental destruction, creating resources and solving energy problems. Chemistry provides solutions to many of these problems by creating high-value materials and new products from raw materials.

 The goal of the applied chemistry course is to produce practical engineers who can analyze, respond to, and solve problems by using chemical techniques. To achieve this goal, this course helps students to study basic subjects, techniques in chemistry, and its related fields so that they can create new materials, give new functions to materials, and evaluate these new materials or functions with consideration for environmental sustainability.

 Therefore, this course welcomes students with the following qualities.

1) Students who listen to others and have strong motivation to improve their communication abilities.

2) Students who concentrate on long-term experiments in cooperation with others and are able to work with perseverance.

3) Students who have good manners and respect others.

Educational Purposes

1) To develop engineers with basic academic ability and knowledge of technology in applied chemistry.

2) To develop practical engineers who recognize the role of chemistry in solving environmental problems and can contribute to the solutions for these problems.

3) To develop engineers who acquire a wide range of basic engineering knowledge about chemistry and can apply it to global social needs.