Life and Environmental Science Course

 Biotechnology is a form of engineering that is based on the functions and organization of living organisms. In recent years, expectations for biotechnology have increased with the aim of improving living standards through the application of various technologies in fields such as environmental conservation, medicine and food production.

 In the environmental life course, we aim to develop practical engineers who can identify and solve problems by themselves, utilizing their knowledge of environmental engineering and biotechnology to understand life phenomena, for solving various problems such as food production, environmental issues, energy issues, and diversification of resources.

 Therefore, this course welcomes students with the following qualities.

1) Students who are interested in life phenomena, biological resources, and natural environments, and can concentrate on study and experiments for a long period of time.

2) Students who are able to explain their thoughts and have acquired a cooperative personality so that they can work with others.

3) Students who have good manners and respect others.


Educational Purposes

1) To develop engineers with basic academic ability and technical skills in the fields of environmental engineering and biotechnology.

2) To develop practical engineers who understand biological molecules and life phenomena, and can contribute to the solution of various global environmental problems by using this knowledge.

3) To develop engineers who acquire a wide range of basic engineering knowledge in environmental and life science, and can face global social needs such as food production.