Energy Course

 The expansion in energy consumption due to an increasing global population and rising living standard leads to many natural resource and environmental problems. Grappling with these problems has become an urgent issue for the international community.

 Especially, the securement and development of energy resources and the efficient utilization of them have become a very important issue to establish a sustainable society.

 The curriculum is designed to train students to become engineers who can apply their knowledge about the development and utilization of new types of energy, and about efficient energy conversion while taking into account the global environment and sustainable growth. These engineers will be tackling various energy-related issues while considering environmental harmony with nature by developing and applying energy-related technologies in various fields.

 Therefore, this course welcomes students with the following qualities.

1) Students who are interested in various natural phenomena and have the will to study science.

2) Students who are interested in experiments and craft-work and are able to cooperate and work with others.

3) Students who are interested in energy and environmental problems and have the will to contribute to society through technology.

Educational Purposes

1) To develop practical engineers with basic scholastic ability and technology about energy-related engineering.

2) To develop practical engineers who can contribute to establishing a sustainable society by using the knowledge and skills about the generation and conversion of energy.

3) To develop engineers who acquire knowledge about the issues of energy generation and consumption, and contribute to solving related issues.