General Education

Department of General Education

 The major aim of colleges of technology is to prepare students to be competent engineers who have a wide perspective and highly advanced skills. Through its various subjects, the Department of General Education helps students gain a basic knowledge of technology, cultivate their mind, and develop their physical strength, so that they will grow up to be capable prospective workers.

 In the course of their 5-year education, various subjects (from high school level to sophomore college level) are taught. Teachers provide lessons in Japanese, social studies, foreign languages, physical education, mathematics, physics and chemistry, making every possible effort to help students acquire basic knowledge and competence which will be indispensable for their future career.

Literature II Class English Class at Language Lab

Physics Experiments School Trip of 2nd Year Students




Educational and Research Equipment(Japanese)

室名 主な設備
物理実験室 ヤング率測定器,表面張力測定器,分光計,電気回路実験器,アナログ記録計,シンクロスコープ,電位差計,放射線測定器,電子天秤,-85℃冷凍庫,線膨張測定器
化学実験室 水の電解装置,電導度計,pH計,電子天秤,ドラフトチャンバ

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